Management Team

Bob Scribner, CEO


Experienced startup life science executive with a broad background in life science development and commercialization. Bob has built teams and lead technology development programs in cardiology, orthopedics, and life science applications, and successfully conducted international IDE clinical studies leading to FDA approval, CE Mark and market creation for new technology. 

Mark Borden PhD, CSO


As an Assoc. Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Fellow, Materials Science & Engineering at The University of Colorado,  Mark specializes in research on the engineering of colloidal theranostic (therapy + diagnostic) devices for medical imaging and therapy. Founder and inventor of oxygen microbubbles, Mark’s current research is directed to oxygen microbubbles for oxygen delivery to hypoxic tissue, and novel agents for targeted DNA delivery to solid tumors.

Paul Mountford PhD, Dir. R&D


University of Colorado PhD, performing research on Phase-Change Microbubbles with The Borden Group. Industry experience includes broad development of materials and methods for microbubbles in ultrasound imaging and therapy (treatment of stroke, other neurodegenerative diseases), targeted cavitation, DNA fragmentation, and superheated nanoemulsions.